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Cuticle Oil

Cuticle Oil

Say goodbye to dry and damaged cuticles with our nourishing cuticle oil! Made with the best organic oils, our formula hydrates and strengthens for healthy, beautiful nails. (Bye-bye, hangnails!) Hydrate and protect your skin with this essential beauty product.


Cuticle oil will come in a 3ml twist pen. You will need to twist the bottom of the pen a few times to get the oil to the brush upon your first application. 




By purchasing this item during the pre-order phase, you acknowledge and accept that the product will not be shipped out until 7/1/24. There is a chance it may be sent early. 



Organic Camellia Oil: The nourishing formula leaves your skin soft and supple, without any greasy residue. Camellia oil has natural antioxidants and helps to promote collagen production for healthy, glowing cuticles. Natural fragrance oils. 


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Production Information

3 ml twist pen

Organic and natural

Vegan and Crulety free, non-toxic


Luxury Organic Camellia Oil

Natural Frganace Oils


Hydrating, nourishing, collagen promoting.

Leaves skin and cuticles soft without a greasy residue.

How to use

When you first recieve your cuticle oil you will need to twist the bottom of the pen aprox 15 times to push the oil up to the top of the brush.

Using the brush apply one swipe of the oil onto each cuticle rubbing it in. Wait at least an hour to use any oils or lotions after applying a new set of nails.

Use daily for best results!

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